This report covers the personnel of 39 City agencies that report to the Mayor, including the Department of Education, New York City Housing Authority, School Construction Authority, and Health & Hospitals Corporation. It excludes the personnel of independent agencies, as well as those reporting jointly or exclusively to other elected officials. The report does not include data on contractors, consultants or volunteers.

This report draws on personnel statistics spanning Fiscal 2003 through Fiscal 2012, using employee-level data from multiple internal City databases. All dollar amounts have been adjusted for inflation to 2012 dollars.

The City of New York filed its 2015 EEO-4 Report with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), reflecting the workforce composition of 72 agencies and elected official's offices on June 30, 2015. The report is legally mandated every two years by all jurisdictions with 15 or more employees by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act as amended by the Equal Employment Opportunity Act of 1972.

The report provides a summary of a jurisdiction's workforce composition by agency function, job category, salary, race/ethnicity, and gender - data that are relevant to the Federal government's furtherance of EEO practices, and which help jurisdictions to establish benchmarks and to evaluate internal programs.