Civil Service Examination Answer Keys

Proposed Key Answers for civil service exams are released approximately 5 weeks after the date of the written test. The release date is printed on the "Candidate's Record of Answers", which is distributed to each candidate at the test site.  See the Test Validation Board information for information on protesting key answers.

Proposed Key Answers may also be obtained at the Manhattan Computerized Testing and Application Center, 2 Lafayette St., 17th floor, Manhattan or at the Brooklyn Computerized Testing and Application Center, 210 Joralemon St, Brooklyn (Mon-Sat, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM except holidays). Copies are supplied at no charge, while supplies last.

Final Key Answers are published when the eligible list is first made public or established, and will be posted on this site. Candidates will be notified of their exam results by mail.

Proposed and Final Keys are posted in PDF format.

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