Zipcar For over four years, DCAS has offered a new pioneering contract with Zipcar, the first and largest car-sharing company. Zipcar is an easy way to get "wheels when you need them", as many of you may know from driving on personal Zipcar accounts. It's also a convenient supplemental resource when agency vehicles are unavailable at any given time.

Approved drivers from participating agencies can pick up and drop off cars and even light trucks on a flexible schedule to attend meetings, site visits, inspections, or any other official City business throughout the five boroughs. Reservations can be made with a few clicks online or with a quick phone call. Drivers are issued cards that will unlock and lock any reserved car and rules for participating in the program. Zipcar has over 2,300 vehicles and hundreds of parking locations in the City.

Zipcar is both convenient and cost effective. In the last four years, the City has reduced its light duty (non-emergency) fleet size by 1,000 units. Zipcar can help address transport needs without the need for more City owned cars. For more information on the City's Zipcar contract, please contact us.