NYC Personnel Services Bulletins (PSBs)

ISSUE NO. 2-97



PPPs PSB No. Subject
526-84 420-3 Carryover of Annual Leave for Managers
526-84 420-4 Managerial Lump Sum Payments
540-86 100-8 Residence Requirements
584-80 100-9 Examination Application Fees and Processing Fees
600-94 440-8 Guidelines on the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993
616-89 200-6 Probationary Period
660-84 440-9 Leaves of Absence with Pay Granted to Veterans and Certain Civilians for the Observance of Memorial Day and Veterans Day
662-84 440-11 Leaves of Absence for Military Duty
668-85 440-4 Time Off for Religious Observance
669-84 440-10 Jury Duty for City Employees
680-85 200-7 Notice to Candidates of Non-Selection
740-77 500-5 New York City Safety Program: Citywide Occupational Safety and Health Advisory Council
740-77H 500-6 Agency Health and Safety Labor Management Committees: Procedures for Establishment and Operation

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