Mayor's Graduate Scholarship Program ~ Eligibility & How to Apply


  • be a full-time City government employee
  • have obtained an undergraduate degree from an accredited college/university or have completed your undergraduate degree by the Fall of the academic year for which you are applying (applicants already possessing a master’s degree are eligible)
  • remain a full-time City government employee throughout your course of study
  • meet the minimum scholarship requirements listed in the Scholarship Offering guide (e.g., The school may require that you be a new entrant to the institution.)

    How to Apply

    Submit your complete MGSP application to your Agency Personnel Office by the indicated deadline. It will then be submitted to the MGSP office for screening and approval (Do not submit your MGSP application directly to the MGSP office). You must submit confirmation of school application submission before your scholarship application can be forwarded to a participating school. You may apply for more than one college/university scholarship, but can only accept one scholarship award through MGSP. When applying to the school(s) of your choice for admission, indicate that you are also submitting a completed MGSP Application through DCAS for their consideration.

    For an overview of the application process, view the program presentation. If you need assistance, email us via the form.

    The links listed below provide important information detailing the procedures for applying for an MGSP scholarship.

    Application Process
    Step One  FAQ Sheet (frequently asked questions and answers about the program)

    Step Two

    Scholarship Offering Guide (indicates the schools and the degree programs participating in MGSP - Information posted in this guide is subject to change without notice.)

    Step Three

    Application (Fill-in) (type all information including name on cover page, attach documentation and print out application with cover page - photocopies of original application are not acceptable).
    Step Four Sample Letter of Intent (notification of scholarship application)
    Step Five Submit to your Agency Personnel Office by November 16, 2018.
    Step Six Submit confirmation to the MGSP office that the school has received your school application by the dates indicated in the Scholarship Offering Guide.

    Applicants will be notified by email that their application(s) has been received by the MGSP office.

    In the beginning of January, check with your Agency Personnel Office to determine whether your application was forwarded to DCAS. Contact the MGSP office by February if you do not receive notification that your application was received.