Professional Practices Portfolio
These courses and programs are designed for specific communities of practice to allow for continuity in networking, collaboration, and knowledge sharing.  Whether you are in the Energy, Audit, Procurement or IT community, or are an HR Professional, you can find programs geared specifically to your field of expertise.

Audit Professionals
City agencies must ensure that all internal audit staff comply with federally mandated Government Auditing Standards. To help City auditors meet this standard, Learning & Development offers an extensive curriculum of audit training courses. These courses are relevant to auditors' and audit managers' needs, and are tailored to the New York City government audit environment. Energy Professionals
DCAS Energy Management, in partnership with the City University of New York (CUNY) School of Professional Studies, CUNY Building Performance Lab and the Citywide Training Center (CTC), has been working to transform the Energy Management training courses we have been providing since 2009 into a comprehensive Energy Management Institute (EMI).  The EMI will prepare city personnel to contribute to the reduction of municipal greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions 30% by 2017, by providing relevant energy management-related training and a variety of optional elective courses. Human Resource Professionals
The HR Professionals programs are designed specifically for City human resource managers and include the Agency Personnel Officer Master Class, the Human Resource Management Certificate Course, and Rethinking HR. The courses offer immersion into City specific HR policies and procedures, and facilitates interagency learning and networking. In cooperation with Pace University, the HR Management Certificate Course, provides an overview of the key roles and functions of a senior Human Resource Generalist and prepares participants to sit for the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) exam, helping them to become certified Human Resource Professionals. IT Professionals
The Citywide IT Training Program provides access to over 200 high quality technical training courses and 60 certifications from industry leaders such as Checkpoint, Cisco, Citrix, CIW, CompTia, EC-Council, Linux, Novell, Microsoft, Oracle, Project Management Institute and UNIX. Procurement Professionals
As one of the nation's largest public contracting entities, New York City is dependent on a procurement workforce with high-level skills and knowledge in all areas of the procurement field. Procurement classes are offered under the auspices of the New York City Procurement Training Institute (PTI). The PTI was created by Mayoral Executive Order #38.

Procurement classes are intended to increase the professionalization of procurement staff at all employment levels, to provide staff development opportunities that will lead to improved efficiency and productivity in City procurement, to encourage innovation in procurement, and to foster excellence in all aspects of the procurement function. Project Management Professionals
City managers are introduced to the most realistic and applied aspects of Project Management through classroom study and the support of professional project managers.