The Management AcademyThe Management Academy
The Management Academy is a program designed specifically for the City's new and emerging leaders. The Academy's goal is to expose participants to exceptional management practices and offer them a fuller understanding of the formal and informal processes that drive City government. Through workshops and opportunities to apply new skills and knowledge, the Academy prepares its participants to meet the unique demands of managing in City government.

The Academy focuses on three areas essential to management success in City government: developing and utilizing human resources; improving service delivery; and understanding the operational aspects of City systems. A working knowledge of multiple City services is developed through multiple site visits to participating agencies.

Who should apply
Management Academy applicants should be agency employees who have demonstrated superb technical competence in their areas of expertise. They should be at a managerial level or be high-level professionals with responsibility for the design and/or implementation of City programs or processes. Finally, they should be in a position where they have assumed, or are ready to assume, positions of greater responsibility in their agencies.

The Management Academy meets weekly from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm during the spring months. For further program information, please review the Management Academy application or call (212) 386-0004.

      The recruitment period for this cohort has ended. This application is for informational purposes only.

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