The Leadership InstituteThe Leadership Institute
The NYC Leadership Institute helps to prepare a select group of outstanding mid-level agency executives to lead organizational change initiatives. By introducing these managers to state-of-the-art change models focusing on process and performance improvement, the Leadership Institute provides City agencies with a skilled and innovative cadre of leaders ready to help our City face its operating and service challenges.

The Leadership Institute assumes a proficiency in the skills needed in daily management, and devotes its curriculum to planning and implementing strategic change. Issues such as economic and political environments, diagnosing and redesigning organizational processes, and managing multiple stakeholders are examined in the four-month curriculum led by an outstanding faculty from the public, private, and non-profit sectors.

Who should apply
Applicants to the Leadership Institute should be outstanding middle-level managers who have had several years of management experience and are in an appropriate position to bring about strategic change. A candidate for the Leadership Institute is usually a manager who: supervises at least two levels of staff; has significant decision making authority in his/her area of work; and is, at most, two positions away from a senior management position in the agency. Some applicants from small agencies and offices may have a smaller span of control but should have a significant policy-making role in the agency or the City.

The Leadership Institute meets weekly from 9:00 am - 2:30 pm during the fall and winter months. For further program information, please review the Leadership Institute application or call (212) 386-0004.

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