Gas Cards

Gas Card

NYC Fleet uses a NY State requirements contract for fuel card services via Wex, formerly known as Wright Express. This system offers many advantages for over 20,000 city vehicles and 25,000 users of fuel cards. Our fuel card works at almost 100% of retail fueling stations nationwide and also works at our city in-house fuel stations for most agencies. Wex integrates tracking from both retail and in-house stations. The state contract provides a common discount at retail sites, but city operators must still be good consumers and fuel at the least expensive locations possible. Wex provides a mobile app and online location search page called Wex Connect, formerly known as Octane, for finding the cheapest gas in any area of the city.

With WEX, agency coordinators can receive real-time transaction reporting and automatic email alerts whenever there is unusual or unauthorized use of a card.

WEX through its various contract mechanisms also allows for the use of supplemental services that improve the city’s ability to track electric vehicle charging and our ability to respond to emergencies and fuel disruptions in the future.

NYC Fleet operators can find the rules for the Wex card fueling program via Employee Self Service.

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