Gas Cards

Gas Card

For the first time in decades, the City has transitioned to a new system and supplier for private gas station fueling starting July 1, 2013. The new contract with Wright Express or WEX is based on a NY State requirement contract and offers many advantages. The system is expected to support over 12,000 vehicles and 16,000 total users.

For the first time, the gas card now works at all private gas stations. The City will get a common discount at any site. However, agencies must still be good consumers and fuel at the least expensive locations possible. WEX offers regular reporting and a mobile "app" called Octane for finding the cheapest gas in any area of the City. DCAS will also regularly report to agencies on the best places to shop.

With WEX, agency coordinators will receive real-time transaction reporting and automatic email alerts whenever there is unusual or unauthorized use of a card. The WEX cards will also soon be integrated with our new Fleet Focus and EJ Ward Fleet and Fuel systems, enabling one fuel card to work at private and in-house fuel stations. Finally, WEX will offer new reporting capabilities and supplemental services that will improve our ability to respond to emergencies and fuel disruptions in the future.

NYC Fleet operators please see the rules form for the fuel program below. For more information, please contact us.