DCAS Agency Procurement

DCAS Agency Procurement oversees the procurement processes of the various offices and lines of service within DCAS to maximize efficiency and ensure compliance with the City's Procurement Policy Board Rules, the City Charter, applicable laws and executive orders, and mayoral directives. The unit primarily manages the procurement of construction and service contracts; however, it also oversees the procurement of goods contracts valued at less than $100,000. Procurement activity monitored includes scope development, vendor outreach, bid sales, bid-openings, responsiveness and responsibility determinations, vendor protests, contract registrations, contractor performance, and contract administration.

DCAS Agency Procurement oversees the implementation of new procurement laws and mandates, including Local Law 1 of 2013, which encourages the participation of certified minority-owned and woman-owned firms in City procurements. The unit is headed by the Agency Chief Contracting Officer (ACCO).