DCAS Office of Citywide Procurement - Contract Portfolio

DCAS ensures that other City agencies have the critical resources and support they need to provide the best possible services to the public. To assist City agencies, DCAS, through the Office of Citywide Procurement (OCP), provides a wide range of services including developing contracts to purchase a variety of goods and services; inspecting goods; and distributing supplies and equipment. OCP's Contract Portfolio includes approximately 1,000 active requirement contracts (RCs) that are available to City agencies to support their various needs.

OCP's Contract Portfolio can be viewed alphabetically by contract title (i.e., commodity or service) or by vendor, and provides the contract number, bid number, awarded vendor, start and end dates and the total estimated value of the contract. This portfolio is refreshed every 30 days.

A listing of the general categories of goods and services such as communications equipment, motorized equipment, office equipment, safety and security services and others can be viewed on OCP's Working with Us page under What We Buy.

For additional information on contract awards, please refer to OCP's Recent Bid Results and Awards page.