Citywide Diversity and Equal Employment Opportunity - Units

CDEEO Compliance

The CDEEO Compliance unit is responsible for ensuring that City agencies comply with the City's EEO Policy, and the City Charter provisions and laws concerning equal employment opportunity. The Compliance unit reviews and approves draft EEO plans developed and submitted by Mayoral agencies each fiscal year.  An agency plan communicates measures and programs that the agency will undertake to promote equal employment opportunity. The plan includes measures or strategies and programs that prevent, diminish or eliminate barriers to equal opportunity. In addition, the CDEEO compliance unit reviews the quarterly reports that the agencies submit which report on the agencies' implementation of their plans.

Jocelyn Lobo
Director of EEO Compliance

Jerzy Warman
Workforce Analyst

NYC 55-a Program

Section 55-a of the New York State Civil Service Law permits municipalities to employ persons, who have been certified as physically or mentally disabled, in civil service positions on a non-competitive basis. This provision is implemented by the City of New York through the 55-a Program, which is administered by the New York City Department of Citywide Administrative Services. You must be certified as being physically or mentally disabled and qualified to perform the duties of the job.

A qualified person with a disability who is appointed to the 55-a Program is not required to take a written or oral examination. Persons eligible under this program are not placed on a civil service list. Eligible persons will be evaluated on the basis of their qualifications and interviews. Eligibility for the 55-a Program is determined based on an official certification that an individual is physically or mentally disabled and qualified to perform the duties of the job.

Any individual who has questions about the 55-a program should contact the Citywide 55-a Coordinator at DCAS. Applicants for employment within New York City agencies who wish to be certified for the 55-a program should apply directly to the job vacancy notice (JVN).

Qualified persons must meet the skills, education and/or experience qualifications for the position. Further, they must meet other criteria relative to being certified as physically or mentally disabled and qualified to perform the duties of a position, with or without a reasonable accommodation.

The Citywide 55-a Coordinator processes City agencies' requests to have individuals appointed to the 55-a Program.

Siu Cheng
Citywide 55-a Coordinator