Lines of Service

DCAS is made up of 2,000 diverse and talented employees. They include architects, engineers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, lawyers, mechanics, procurement specialists, information technology specialists, custodians and managers.

  • Offers key support services to all of the agency's Lines of Service and includes security; information technology; customer and employee relations; discipline and labor relations.
  • Oversees the Special Events unit in conjunction with Mayoral events and coordinates filming in city-owned buildings.
  • Oversees the maintenance of DCAS' Internet and Intranet sites; supervises the Office of Transportation Services; and operates the CityStore.
  Citywide Procurement
  • Responsible for purchasing certain services and goods whose total value exceeds the small purchase limit of $100,000.
  • Charged with quality control for all purchases; warehousing and distribution of goods to agencies throughout the City; and transfer, sale and other safe disposal of City agencies' surplus goods.
  • Supports City operations by providing an efficient, cost effective and customer-focused central purchasing function while ensuring that products purchased and services obtained support the City's long term strategic and environmental goals at the lowest net cost and the highest professional standards.
  • Procures goods, construction services and other services for itself through OCP's Agency Purchasing. Citywide procurements on behalf of other City agencies are handled by OCP.
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  • Coordinates all internal and external communications for DCAS.
  • Provides leadership in the planning and implementation of communications strategies, maintaining relationships with the media and public officials to articulate the priorities, strategies and mission of DCAS.
  • Publishes the City Record and the Green Book..
   Energy Management
  • Manages the energy accounts and efficiency initiatives for New York City government operations. Supports the City's ambitious PlaNYC goal of reducing the City government's greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions 80% by 2050.
  • Serves as the hub for energy management for City government operations, from energy procurement to performance tracking, improved operations & maintenance, and building retrofits.
  • Long-term goals are to:
    • Ensure clean, reliable energy to support City operations.
    • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions of operations.
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   Facilities Management
Manages, operates, and maintains over 55 City-owned buildings, including City Hall, David N. Dinkins Municipal Building and Brooklyn Municipal Building, all Borough Halls and City and State court buildings, with a total space of over 15 million square feet.
   Fiscal and Business Management
  • Responsible for providing financial management and analytic support to the agency.
  • FBM units include the Office of Fiscal Management made up of Expense Budget, Office of State Reimbursement, Financial Reporting, Audits and Accounts; and the Capital Budget Unit.
   General Counsel
   Human Capital
  • Responsible for maintaining the municipal civil service system and providing personnel-related shared services for City agencies.
  • Responsible for working to satisfy the Provisional Reduction Plan regarding provisional appointments.
  • Recruits and identifies the best-qualified candidates for City employment in a manner consistent with the State Constitution, Civil Service Law, and laws governing equal opportunity employment.
  • Establishes qualifications for positions; develops, validates, administers, and rates competitive civil service examinations and certifies lists of eligible applicants; audits all appointments and promotions, tracks citywide vacancies and, when necessary, oversees layoffs; evaluates and administers Citywide personnel policies and programs.
  • Conducts professional development and employee training programs;
  • Oversees the expansion and maintenance of the New York City Automated Personnel System (NYCAPS), a centralized state-of-the-art automated personnel system for managers and employees to access and manage personnel and benefits information including Employee Self-Service.
  • Ensures City agencies comply with the City’s EEO Policy and federally mandated provisions and laws concerning equal employment opportunity;  promotes equal employment opportunity to qualified applicants and employees, including women and minorities; provides agencies with guidance and updates on policy and procedural interpretation, applicable law changes, and other EEO related issues.
   Information Technology
DCAS IT is responsible for the establishment, development, maintenance, upgrade and administration of network infrastructure, system/user hardware, software and applications as well as the support of approximately 2500 computer users. All of these functions are essential to DCAS as a whole and are critical to its successful operation on a daily basis. DCAS IT consists of four units: Business Analysis & Quality Assurance, Applications Development & Production Support, Network Operations & Helpdesk Support and Technology Strategy & Vendor Evaluations.
   New York City Fleet
New York City operates almost 27,000 owned and leased vehicles, the largest municipal fleet in the United States. NYC maintains fleet units at over 150 locations and has over 400 in-house fueling locations. More than 1,700 staff work full time in fleet repair and garage operations across just the ten largest fleet operating agencies. In total, an estimated $700 million is spent annually on fleet repair, fueling and procurement.

NYC Fleet, led by the City's first Chief Fleet Management officer, is leading an effort to share and improve services, and achieve cost efficiencies across the ten major fleet operations. The initiative has five major components:

  • Save money and improve agency services through a major consolidation effort led by DCAS, NYPD and DSNY
  • Improve fleet reporting and metrics
  • Coordinate centrally fleet acquisitions and specifications
  • Advance a citywide green fleet program
  • Develop common accident tracking and training offerings across all agencies.
NYC Fleet is working on specific initiatives in fuel tracking, car share, parts contracting, assisting with improvements to auto auction and biodiesel use as part of this effort.
   Real Estate Services
  • Oversees the City's commercial real estate portfolio;
  • Leases or purchases privately-owned properties for City agency use;
  • Leases and licenses City-owned non-residential property for private use; and
  • Disposes of City-owned real estate through public sales and lease auctions.