City Planning Building

City Planning Building
Photo by: Ralph Selitzer, DCAS

City Planning Building
22 Reade Street
New York, NY 10007

Date Built: 1875; Renovated 1990
Architect: Unknown

22 Reade Street is located on Reade and Elk Streets. It is actually three attached buildings combined in one internally. The oldest corner building was built in 1875. It houses the Department of City Planning.

The basement has tiled walls that are the remnants of a speak-easy from the days of prohibition. During renovation in the 1980's, the building suffered severe damage when an internal building collapse occurred. More damage was inflicted during construction of the office building at 26 Federal Plaza, when the wooden framed roof was nearly collapsed by a crane lowering material onto the roof.

The City Planning Building is within the African Burial Ground and the Commons Historic District.

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