Municipal Building Design Essay

The Municipal Building Design
The Municipal BuildingThe Municipal Building serves as the home to DCAS and a dozen other agencies. It also serves as the main design element for our web site. The following Design Essay details the architectural features used in our banner.

1. Cornice detail of Corinthian columns supporting the main Triumphal arch.

2. Top of 15-story central tower.

3. Detail of sculpture in the Roman Manner as in the Arch of Constantine. This particular statue represents Civic Pride, the female personification of the City receiving tribute from her citizens.

4. Bracket lamps designed in the American Renaissance style.

5. These panels mark the beginning of the Guastavino tiles that vault the open arcades over the subway entrances.

6. Face of Civic Fame, the 20-foot high copper statue on top of Municipal Building erected in 1913.

7. Partial detail of the wings of Roman sculpture located in the spandrels which personify guidance and executive power.

8. The Municipal Building serves a key location as the Manhattan entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge.

9. Interior detail of Triumphal arch. Italian Renaissance ornament of the interior terra cotta barrel vault. Each of the 12 panels represents different functions of municipal government.

10. Detail of lesser arches.

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