The City Record

The City Record is the official journal of the City of New York. It is published each weekday except legal holidays and contains official legal notices produced by New York City agencies. Announcements published in The City Record include:

  • upcoming public hearings and meetings;
  • procurement bid solicitations;
  • selected court decisions;
  • bid awards;
  • public auctions and other property disposition actions;
  • official rules proposed and adopted by City agencies.

Procurement bid solicitation notices afford vendors the opportunity to compete for New York City's $17 billion worth of contracts for various categories of goods and services for over 100 agencies and other governmental organizations.

About The City Record On-Line (CROL)

The City Record On-Line (CROL) is a searchable database of all of the procurement notices that appear in the printed City Record. The site offers current solicitations and an archive of older notices. Vendors who register with the site will receive notification by e-mail when new solicitations are posted.

While the print edition of The City Record remains the authoritative source for solicitations and other notices, CROL offers vendors the opportunity to view notices and bid documents online at any time.



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