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Department of Consumer Affairs
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License Application Checklist


DCA Licensing Center
42 Broadway
New York, NY 10004
For more information, call 311 (or 212-NEW-YORK outside of New York City). 

You must have a Temporary Street Fair Vendor Permit in order to sell merchandise or offer a service from a booth or stand at an authorized street fair (e.g., street fair, block party, or festival). Temporary Street Fair Vendor Permits may only be used at street fairs authorized by the Mayor’s Street Activity Permit Office for which you have registered as a vendor with the fair’s sponsoring organization. A Temporary Street Fair Vendor Permit cannot be used as a General Vendor License. Use of a Temporary Street Fair Vendor Permit at events other than authorized street fairs for which you have registered as a vendor will subject you to arrest, fine, and confiscation of your goods. 
This description is only a general explanation of which individuals need to have a Temporary Street Fair Vendor Permit.  

Note: New York City businesses must comply with all relevant federal, state, and City laws and rules. All laws and rules of the City of New York, including the Consumer Protection Law and Rules, are accessible using the Public Access Portal. For convenience, sections of the New York City Licensing Law (and Rules, if enacted) are available as a downloadable handout

Please note that businesses are responsible for knowing and complying with the most current laws, including any City Council amendments. The Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) is not responsible for errors or omissions in the handout. The information is not legal advice. You can only obtain legal advice from a lawyer.

Before You File Your DCA Permit Application:
To sell merchandise or offer a service at a street fair, you must make arrangements directly with the street fair’s sponsoring organization. To find a street event registered with the Mayor’s Street Activity Permit Office, please visit and review the Citywide Events Calendar.

After you have made arrangements with the sponsoring organizations of all street fairs at which you will vend, complete the requirements below to submit your Temporary Street Fair Vendor Permit application to DCA. You may apply for more than one Temporary Street Fair Vendor Permit at a time.

When You File Your DCA Permit Application:
Below are requirements when filing your permit application:

  • Temporary Street Fair Vendor Permit Application   
    Online submission: After reviewing the application requirements, please click the Apply Online link at the bottom of the Web page to submit your application..

In-person submission: Download the Temporary Street Fair Vendor Permit Application 

  • Sales Tax Identification Number
    This is the 9, 10, or 11-digit number on your New York State Department of Taxation and Finance Certificate of Authority. You must enter this number on the Temporary Street Fair Vendor Permit application. To apply for a Certificate of Authority, visit the NYS License Center. You will need a ID to access the application form. To request a paper application, call (518) 485-2889. Allow four to six weeks after applying to the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance to receive your Certificate of Authority. 
  • Photo Identification (ID) of Permit Applicant
    Acceptable forms of ID include:
    • driver’s license or a non-driver’s license identification issued by a State Department of Motor Vehicles
    • license or permit issued by a government agency
    • passport
    • alien card/green card
    • a City, State, or Federal employee ID card  
  • Current color passport-size photograph of Permit Applicant
    EXCEPTION: Applicants who have held a Temporary Street Fair Vendor Permit within the past two (2) years do not need to submit a photograph. 

    Permit Applicants can be photographed in the DCA Licensing Center at no cost. 

    Please note that you can upload an image file if you submit your permit application online.  
  • Granting Authority to Act Affirmation (download)
    If this application will be filed by someone other than the license applicant, the license applicant must submit a Granting Authority to Act Affirmation.  
  • Child Support Certification Form (download
  • Permit Fee of $10 for each month
    For in-person application submissions, the Permit Fee must be paid by credit card, money order, or check. Cards accepted at the DCA Licensing Center include MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Card. Credit card payments are subject to a 2.49% convenience fee. Checks or money orders must be payable to NYC Department of Consumer Affairs.  

    Please note that a 2.49% convenience fee applies if you submit your license application online. A major credit card is required to submit applications online. 



  1. Please review requirements for the license and gather all materials before clicking the button below.
  2. If you haven’t registered an account with the City of New York, you will need to register an account before you can proceed to the online application.
  3. After you submit the online application, follow the instructions on the confirmation page. DCA cannot process incomplete applications.
  4. Important: If you need to file another license application, return to the DCA Business Toolbox to read requirements and proceed to the online application.

You can file applications in person at the DCA Licensing Center, 42 Broadway, in Manhattan between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and on Wednesday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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Note: Whether you apply to register to vote or not, it will not affect the assistance DCA will provide to you.