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Department of Consumer Affairs
Office of Financial Empowerment
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Know the Law - Recent Law and Rule Changes

2013 Law and Rule Changes

Rule to Change Price Signage Requirements for Businesses Selling Petroleum Products Took Effect on November 12

Rule to Combine Complaint Sign and License into One Document for Display Took Effect on October 9

Law Increasing the Maximum Price of Items Sold at Newsstands Took Effect on October 7 

Law to Revoke Amusement Arcade or Gaming Café License for Offering Cash Prizes or Engaging in Other Illegal Gambling Activity Took Effect on October 4

Law Reducing the Maximum Fine Amount for Violations of Vending Regulations and Defining Unrelated Violations of Vending Rules and Regulations as Separate Offenses Took Effect on September 5 

Law Permitting Sidewalk Cafés to Operate Starting at 10 a.m. on Sundays Took Effect on July 28 

Law Prohibiting Vending Against or Within Taxi Stands Took Effect on July 16 

Rule to Change Signage and Timing Device Requirements for Pedicabs Took Effect on July 12
    *Per Rule, download templates  

Law Establishing Limits on the Emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in Carpets and Carpet Cushion Took Effect on July 1    
     *Per Law, download required notice and read fact sheet on Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) & Carpeting

Law Prohibiting Vending in Front of Building Entrances and Exits Took Effect on June 16 

Law Prohibiting Vending on the Sidewalk Abutting No Standing Zones Adjacent to Hospitals Took Effect on June 16 

Rule to Change the Expiration Dates for Home Improvement Contractor and Salesperson Licenses Took Effect on April 15 

Law Amending the Requirements for Pedicab Fares and Receipts Took Effect on April 13 

Law Requiring Outreach and Education to Home Improvement Contractors and the Public and Inspection of House Raising Sites Took Effect on April 2 


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