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Department of Consumer Affairs
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Know the Law

Licensing Law

Sections of the New York City Licensing Law (and Rules, if enacted) are available as a downloadable handout.

License Enforcement (general Licensing Law and Rules) 

Amusement Arcade 
Amusement Device - Permanent 
Amusement Device - Portable 
Amusement Device - Temporary  
Auction House (Premises)  
Billiards Room  
Bingo Game Operator  
Booting Company  
Cabaret (including discos)  
Catering Establishment  
Cigarette Retail Dealer  
Dealer in Products for the Disabled  
Debt Collection Agency  
Electronic & Home Appliance Service Dealer  
Electronics Store  
Employment Agency  
Games of Chance  
Gaming Café  
Garage and Parking Lot Combo  
General Vendor  
General Vendor Distributor  
Home Improvement Contractor  
Home Improvement Salesperson  
Horse Drawn Cab Driver  
Horse Drawn Cab Owner  
Laundry Jobber  
Locksmith Apprentice  
Motion Picture Projectionist  
Parking Lot  
Pedicab Business  
Pedicab Driver  
Process Server Individual  
Process Serving Agency  
Scale Dealer/Repairer  
Scrap Metal Processor  
Secondhand Dealer Auto  
Secondhand Dealer Firearms  
Secondhand Dealer General  
Sidewalk Cafe  
Sightseeing Bus  
Sightseeing Guide  
Special Sale (e.g., Going Out of Business)  
Stoop Line Stand  
Storage Warehouse  
Temporary Street Fair Vendor Permit  
Tow Truck Company  
Tow Truck Driver  
Tow Truck Exemption 

Consumer Protection Law

The City’s Consumer Protection Law (CPL) prohibits unfair trade practices when dealing in consumer goods or services – such as false advertising, phony sales, and special offers with hidden conditions. The law also lays out proper behavior in the collection of consumer debts.

Consumer Protection Law (General CPL; Advertising; Sales and Discounts) 
Delivery of Furniture and Major Appliances
Disclosures (Receipts, Refunds, and Credit; Layaway Plans; Used Items)
Distressed Property Consultants
Goods Temporarily in Short Supply
Pricing (including Gender Pricing)

Paid Sick Leave Law

NYC's new Paid Sick Leave Law applies to most employees in NYC and is now in effect. DCA offers information in 26 languages, including the required Notice of Employee Rights and one page overviews for employers and employees.Learn more

Agency Procedures
All City Laws and Rules