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Department of Consumer Affairs
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DCA Advocacy

To protect the public and marketplace, DCA recommends legislation to strengthen consumer protections; mounts awareness campaigns about hot-button issues; creates and updates consumer and business guides, translating many in multiple languages; and participates in many community events.

Testimony and Comments
DCA advocates for policies and legislation to protect consumers from unfair and deceptive practices. Read DCA's comments on key issues: 

Introduction 586 (Gas Station Road Signs)
 Read testimony before the New York City Council Committee on Consumer Affairs (02/24/2015) 

Education and Outreach on Financial Literacy for Young Adults
 Read testimony before the New York City Council Committee on Consumer Affairs (02/09/2015) 

Urging Federal Government to Investigate Toxic Chemicals in Children's Products
 Read petition to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) (12/15/2014) 

Identifying Alternatives to High-Cost Financial Products
 Read testimony before the New York State Assembly's Standing Committee on Banks and the Subcommittee on Banking in Underserved Communities (11/25/2014) 

Toxic Chemicals in Toys
 Read DCA's letter to the Toy Industry Association (TIA) (11/24/2014) 

Regulatory Approach to Address Payday Lending and Other Forms of High-cost Credit
 Read DCA's letter to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) (11/24/2014) 

Data Breaches' Impact on Consumers and the Availability and Sufficiency of State Resources Available to Consumers
 Read testimony before the New York State Assembly's Standing Committee on Consumer Affairs and Protection (11/14/2014) 

Limitations on Terms of Consumer Credit Extended to Service Members and Dependents
 Read joint letter by DCA and Mayor's Office of Veterans' Affairs (MOVA) to the U.S. Department of Defense (11/10/2014) 

Earned Sick Time Act (Paid Sick Leave Law): Implementation and Business Education
 Read testimony before the New York City Council Committee on Small Business and Consumer Affairs (10/29/2014) 

Used Car Sales in New York City: Ensuring Consumer Protections and Safety in the Sale of Used Vehicles Recalled by the Manufacturer
 Read testimony before the New York City Council Committee on Consumer Affairs (10/28/2014) 

Price Displays at Gas Stations in New York City and on Introduction 287 (Gas Station Road Signs)  
 Read comments before the New York City Council Committee on Consumer Affairs (09/18/2014) 

Proposed New York State Rules on Debt Collection Practices 
 Read comments to the New York State Department of Financial Services (08/15/2014) 

New York State Court Rules Governing Consumer Credit Actions 
 Read comments to the New York State Office of Court Administration (12/04/2013) 

Private Education Loan Market 
 Read comments to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (01/17/2012) 

Dodd-Frank Act Implementation 
 Read comments (06/27/2011) 

FDIC Safe Bank Account Template 
 Read comments (06/06/2010)

Refund Anticipation Loan Business 
 Read statement (04/28/2010)

Provisions of the Credit CARD Act of 2009 
 Read comments (04/14/2010)

Gift Card Industry 
 Read testimony (12/21/2009)

Banking Development District Reform
 Read testimony (04/02/2009)

Community-Based Financial Institutions and Their Impact on Community Development
 Read testimony (12/15/2009)

Consumer Financial Products Regulation
 Read written testimony (06/24/2009)

Foreclosure and Mortgage Rescue Scams
 Read House Judiciary Committee testimony (04/01/2009) 

Reform of Overdraft Regulations
 Read comments to the Federal Reserve System (03/30/2009)

City Council Oversight Hearing on Rent-to-Own Retailers in New York City
 Read testimony (01/26/2009)

Disclosure Requirements in Lender Advertising
 Read DCA/OFE's comments regarding credit card and bank practices (08/04/2008); overdraft fees (07/18/2008); credit card products (07/18/2008)

Guidelines in Marketing Environmentally Friendly Products
 Read DCA's comments to FTC (02/11/2008)

Marketing Standards for Energy Service Companies
 Read DCA's comments to PSC (03/18/2008)
 Read PSC's response to DCA/CPB petition (03/19/2008)
 Read DCA/CPB petition to PSC (12/19/2007)

Exempt Income Protection Act
 Read statement (09/29/2008) 

DCA Initiatives and Campaigns
DCA's core initiatives and awareness campaigns engage all divisions in advancing two key strategic priorities: educating and empowering consumers and facilitating fair business practices.

Get tips to teach children about budget and savings: English or Español
Going to college? Ace Financial Literacy 101 by reading our tips
¿De camino a la universidad? Saque una A en educación financiera. Lea nuestros consejos

Debt Settlement Companies
Read the press release
Learn your rights about debt settlement in English  Español   中文 

EITC & Tax Tips
Learn more about the City's Tax Credit Campaign

Employment Agencies
 Read DCA's crackdown of employment agencies (New York Post 07.14.14)
 Read the 2011 press release
 Read the 2009 press release
 Read the 2008 press release
 Watch video clip of DCA's undercover inspection
 Get tips in English or Español (Spanish) 

Fake Guns
Read the press release 
Get additional information about fake guns [English  Español  中文   Kreyòl Ayisyen   
 한국어   Русский]

Financial Empowerment
DCA’s Office of Financial Empowerment works with a variety of partners to provide free programs and services to help you manage your money and build for your family’s future. Learn more

Home Improvement Contractors
 Get tips for homeowners

Identity Theft Prevention
 Learn more about DCA's public awareness campaign to prevent identity theft

Paid Sick Leave
 NYC's new Paid Sick Leave Law applies to most employees in NYC. Learn more  

Teen Smoking
 Learn more about DCA's efforts to prevent cigarette sales to minors