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Department of Consumer Affairs
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Welcome to Consumer Campus, where the “curriculum” covers the consumer challenges confronting students everyday. Whether you’re a college or graduate school student, now is the time to learn your rights, and to understand how the spending decisions you make today will affect your future.


Introduction to Credit Cards
Whether you’re considering a credit card offer or have a card already, read the fine print, know your credit limit, and pay your balance on time and in full. 
 Get credit basics
 How to use your credit card wisely
 How to read a credit card statement
                                        Common credit card terms

Student Loan Basics
If you’re like so many students, you may need help paying tuition costs!
 Get tips about student loans
 Need help managing your money? Schedule a free financial counseling session at one of the City's Financial Empowerment Centers or find assistance using OFE's Financial Education Network Directory 

Cell Phones: The Art of Buying
Before buying the latest model and signing up for a phone plan, comparison shop and be sure you understand all of the fees and terms involved.  
 Get tips on choosing a cell phone service provider
 Buying just a cell phone? Download DCA’s Buying and Selling Electronics Guide (in PDF)
                                         Learn how to spot deceptive advertisements (in PDF)
                                         Have a complaint against an electronics store? 
                                           File a complaint with DCA 

Online Shopping 101
Shopping online can save you time, but beware of scam artists posing as online retailers.
 Get tips about shopping online
 Get more information from the FTC 

Used Car Shopping Essentials
Learn how to spot a legitimate used car dealer and make your best deal!
 Download DCA’s Used Car Sales Consumer Guide (in PDF)
 Get tips about auto loans 

Identity Theft: A Lesson in Prevention
Every time you shop online on an unsecured Web site or throw away printed materials with your name and account numbers, your important personal information could land in the wrong hands.  
 Tips to protect your identity (in PDF)
 How to tell if you’ve been the victim of identity theft
 Learn about fraud alerts and New York State’s Security Freeze Law 


Consumer Campus
Consumer Campus is an online resource to help New York City’s college and graduate school students become savvy shoppers. In collaboration with the City University of New York (CUNY), the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs and its Office of Financial Empowerment expanded Consumer Campus to include financial education information for students.

Department of Consumer Affairs
DCA enforces the Consumer Protection Law and other related business laws throughout New York City. Ensuring a fair and vibrant marketplace for consumers and businesses alike, DCA licenses more than 60,000 businesses in 55 different categories. Through targeted outreach, partnerships with community and trade organizations, and informational materials, DCA educates consumers and businesses about their rights and responsibilities. DCA’s Office of Financial Empowerment offers financial resources to educate, empower and protect New Yorkers. OFE’s Financial Education Network Directory is an easy-to-search online directory of free and low-cost financial education classes, workshops, and counseling services in New York City.
 Visit DCA online
 Visit OFE online

CUNY Accelerated Study in Associate Programs (ASAP)
Developed under Mayor Bloomberg’s Center for Economic Opportunity (CEO), the CUNY ASAP program assists young adults and the working poor to earn Associate’s degrees in no more than three years. Each of the six CUNY community colleges admits qualified students.
 For more information about ASAP, visit CUNY online
 Visit CEO online

Federal Trade Commission
Headquartered in Washington, DC, the FTC enforces federal consumer protection laws that prevent fraud, deception and unfair business practices. Whether combating telemarketing fraud, Internet scams or price-fixing schemes, the FTC’s primary mission is to protect consumers.
 For more information, visit FTC online

The City of New York launched OneCampusNYC to provide information to students, parents, and faculty on what it's like to attend college in NYC and to connect users to information and services offered by the City.
 For more information, visit OneCampusNYC

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