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Department of Consumer Affairs
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DCA does not license supermarkets; however, businesses must comply with City laws and rules enforced by DCA, including the Consumer Protection and Weights and Measures laws. 



  • Your ads must truthfully describe the name, variety, and size of the item on sale and list any purchase restrictions. You must make reasonable quantities available.

  • You must place a scale within 30 feet of prepackaged food sections. You must subtract the weight of the package, or “tare,” from the cost of the weighed item. The scale must pass a DCA inspection, start at zero, and come to rest before weight or price is quoted.

  • The unit price—the cost per measure (pound, pint, etc.)—must be listed on the shelf below most products.

  • All market commodities sold or offered for sale in New York City must have a stamp, tag, or label giving the item’s cost. Exceptions:
    • baby food in jars
    • tobacco
    • bulk-food sales
    • vending machine products
    • display items at the end of the aisle
    • eggs
    • food sold for on-premise consumption
    • fresh produce
    • items on sale for seven days or less
    • milk
    • snack foods
    • some frozen foods

  • You must mark perishable food products, such as eggs, dairy products, and baked goods, with “Open” or “Freshness” Dates to show the last recommended sale or use date.

  • The label on packaged products must include the product's identity, net weight, measure or numerical count, and the name and address of the distributor.


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