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Department of Consumer Affairs
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The period to apply for the pedicab registration plate lottery begins February 18, 2015 and ends March 18, 2015. DCA must receive your completed Pedicab Registration Plate Lottery Application by 5 p.m. on March 18.


  • If you or your family members have the legal limit of 30 registered pedicabs, you cannot apply for the pedicab registration plate lottery. 
  • You do not need a Pedicab Business license to apply for the pedicab registration plate lottery═ż however, you must get a Pedicab Business license and your pedicab must pass inspection within 45 days of receiving an offer to be issued a pedicab registration plate.
  • You can apply for one pedicab registration plate only

  • Pedicab Timers
    • You must use a timer that complies with Handbook 44 and Special Publication 960-12 of the National Institute of Standards and Technology and be inspected and sealed by DCA.
    • You cannot use a cell phone as a timer.
    • Call 311 or email to schedule a pedicab timer inspection. The fee is $10 per timer inspection.


Page updated on 02/25/2015.