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Department of Consumer Affairs
Office of Financial Empowerment
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Employment Agency

Domestic or Household Employees: Statement of Employee Rights and Employer Responsibilities  

Model Contract    English   Español

Model Receipt     English   Español   

Home Improvement Contractor/Salesperson    

List of Home Improvement Contractor Clients
  *Note: Contractors who signed a consent order must use the template for recordkeeping.

Model Estimate and Contract 

Immigration Assistance Service Provider    

Model Contract

Surety Bond 


Notification Letter Template  

Process Server/Agency

Disciplinary Actions and Non-compliance Report 

Global Positioning System (GPS) Investigation Report 

Monthly Compliance Report 

Process Server Screening Protocol 

Record of Scheduled Traverse Hearings

Recordkeeping Template

Service Investigation Report  

Sidewalk Café

Sample Certificate of Insurance 

Sample Letter of Notification to Required Parties 

Tax Preparer

Refund Anticipation Loan (RAL) Sample Disclosure English   Español 

Tow Truck Company    

DARP and ROTOW Record Keeping Templates

Roster of Drivers