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Department of Consumer Affairs
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Child Support Certification Form

Child Support Certification Form

Consolidated Payment Program Participant

Violation Dispute Request Form

Granting Authority to Act Forms

Affidavit Granting Authority to Act (for Adjudication Tribunal matters) 

Affirmation Granting Authority to Act (for Licensing matters) 

Language Preference Form

Language Preference Form


Debt Collection Agency

Debt Collection Agency Licensing & Renewal Supplement

Employment Agency

Domestic or Household Employees: Job Description Form (Statement of Job Conditions)

Employment Agency Self-Certification
Theatrical Employment Agency Self-Certification 

Garage and/or Parking Lot 

Amended Rate Information 

General Vendor 

Specialized Vending License Application 

Home Improvement Contractor

Roster of Salespersons
Trust Fund Enrollment Form 

Pedicab Business

Pedicab Business Insurance Affirmation

Pedicab Business License Application Affirmation

Pedicab Reinspection Form 

Roster of Pedicabs

Transfer of Pedicab Registration Plates Affirmation

Process Server

Electronic Device Certification
Electronic Recordkeeping Certification
Record of Scheduled Traverse Hearings  

Roster of Agencies
Surety Bond
Traverse Report Form
Traverse Report Form (for Servers under Consent Order) 

Process Serving Agency

Compliance Plan Affirmation
Electronic Recordkeeping Certification
Roster of Servers 
Surety Bond
Training Acknowledgement Form 
Traverse Report Form
Traverse Report Form (for Agencies under Consent Order) 

Sidewalk Café

Certification by Broker 

Tow Truck Company

Application to Add Tow Truck(s) 

Recordkeeping Compliance Affirmation
Roster of Employees
Trust Fund Enrollment Form