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Department of Consumer Affairs
Office of Financial Empowerment
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What is a Notice of Hearing?

A Notice of Hearing is issued when a business fails to comply with the law. Learn how to read a Notice of Hearing

Why did I receive a Notice of Hearing?
  • You were not able to reach an agreement with a DCA mediator on a consumer complaint 
  • You were issued a violation by a DCA inspector during an on-site business inspection.

What if I can't appear on the hearing date?

You can:
 - Request a DCA Adjournment online*
 - Email

*NOTE: You will be redirected to a web page where you must register an account with the City of New York. Requests for a new hearing date must be received at least three (3) business days before the scheduled hearing date. 

What should I do?


In most cases, you can settle without a hearing by meeting with a settlement officer or accepting the conditions of a pleading letter.


You can appear before a fair and impartial Administrative Law Judge to present a defense to the charge(s) in the Notice of Hearing.


Learn more about the settlement process, how to prepare for the hearing, and other important information by downloading Administrative Hearings: A Guide for Businesses
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