• Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How do I use the NYC Open Data?
      NYC Open Data contains data sets produced by various NYC agencies and other City organizations. Currently, NYC Open Data supports many file formats. Data sets are presented by category, by agency, and by other City organization. Details about the data set (metadata) are provided alongside the download link.

    2.  Why is this website being developed?
      NYC Open Data is being developed as part of an initiative to improve the accessibility, transparency, and accountability of City government. City agencies routinely produce large amounts of data intended to better serve the public. Centralizing this data gives citizens a much more efficient way to find useful information. Developers can use the machine-readable data to create Web and mobile applications that supply the user with valuable information.

    3. How frequently is the data updated?
      City agencies maintain control of the data sets that fall under their purview and update them as practical. Over time, the frequency of updates may change, as improvements to data collection are made.

    4. What do I do if I have technical issues using this site?
      If you have any problems using this site, visit Socrata's support page.

    5. What can I do if a CSV file is too large to open in a spreadsheet software program?
      If the CSV file does not load into the spreadsheet software directly because it has too many rows of data, you have two options to view the file:

      Option 1:

      • Save the CSV file to your hard drive.
      • Open the file in a text editor.
      • Highlight the rows of data in which you are interested and copy them.
      • Open a spreadsheet software program and paste the data into a blank worksheet.

      Option 2:

      • Save the CSV file to your hard drive.
      • Open up a database software package (such as Access).
      • Create a new table and import the CSV file.

    6. How can I open data sets with SAS file type?
      The SAS files on this site can be read into the general SAS program, but to analyze these data sets users need the SURVEY module to properly generate estimates - this module should be available in Basic SAS, but the STAT module would have to be purchased separately for any in-depth statistics. Users can also use survey design modules in SPSS or STATA or use SAS-callable SUDAAN to analyze the  data; however, using STATA or SPSS will require a little extra work. The following is some information that may be helpful in using STATA or SPSS with SAS files:



    7. What if a problem occurs with a data set?
      Data sets are required to be uncorrupted and virus-free. If a serious problem exists with the file, please report it through the NYC Open Data Contact page. Please include the name of the data set and a description of the problem.

    8. How can I suggest a new data set?
      Use the "Suggest New Data Set" form.