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Child Care & Education | Child Care Subsidies
The NYC Human Resources Administration (HRA) pays for child care for eligible Public Assistance Families and eligible Families who have left Public Assistance for employment.  You can find out if you qualify through the United States Department of Health and Human Services, which provides information on the latest federal poverty measure.
  • Eligibility: In order for a family to receive subsidized child care services, the family must meet specific financial and social eligibility criteria that are determined by federal, state, and local regulations. To determine whether a family is eligible for subsidized child care, the parent must make an appointment by calling 311 and appear at an eligibility interview at the Administration for Children's Services child care office in their borough.
  • Documentation required establishing eligibility depends on the reason for care, so families should call 311 and ask for a child care specialist who can provide a list of documents to bring to the eligibility interview at the borough resource area. Typically, the required documents include:
    • Birth certificates for all children in the family
    • Social security cards for all adults and all children for whom day care is provided
    • Proof of legal residence in U.S. (if not citizens)
    • Reason for care documentation (type of documentation varied depending on reason for care)
    • Proof of child support agreement (if applicable)

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