NYC Civil Serivce Commision
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§72 Involuntary Medical Leave Appeals

The CSC hears appeals from determinations of city agencies placing employees on involuntary medical leave, or denying employees reinstatement after being on involuntary leave for a year, when the CSC is specifically designated by the DCAS Commissioner to hear such cases.

City Employees may not appeal involuntary medical leave decisions directly to the CSC. Rather, appeals should be submitted in writing directly to DCAS.

If DCAS designates the CSC to hear an appeal from an involuntary medical leave, appellants are notified by DCAS of the specific procedures and time limitations involved in such an appeal.

In its discretion, the CSC may affirm, reverse, modify or remand the decision of the agency below.


Adjournments will be granted only for good cause shown.

Adjournments should be requested as soon as the reasons for the adjournment are known or should have been know to the party requesting the adjournment. Delay is requesting an adjournment may be grounds for denial of the request. Adjournment requests should be made no later than ten days before the scheduled hearing date.

It is incumbent upon the party requesting an adjournment to first contact the other party or opposing counsel to inform him/her of the request for an adjournment. If the opposing party is self-represented, you must first contact the Civil Service Commission and the Commission will attempt to contact the self-represented party.

Requests for adjournment should be made to Commission staff by calling 212-615-8915. After speaking with authorized Commission staff, the party requesting the adjournment must also submit the reasons for the adjournment request in writing and send a copy to all other parties.