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Participating Coating Vendors

NYC °CoolRoofs seeks proposals from coating vendors and manufacturers to partner in the program by offering NYC °CoolRoofs customers a discount on coating. The program will be open to participation by multiple vendors.

In order to participate, the following areas must be covered in your submission:

Minimum Requirements of Coating:

Requirements for the coating should be for coatings with Cool Roof Rating Council or Energy Star Rating of:

  • Minimum 3 Year Aged Reflectivity (in accordance with ASTM C-1549 or ASTM E1918) of 0.7
  • Minimum thermal emittance of 0.75 (in accordance with ASTM C1371 or ASTM E408)


  • Minimum SRI of 78 as determined in accordance with ASTM E 1980 

If Coating is new to the market 3 Year Aged Reflectivity is pending, we will accept:

  • Minimum Initial Reflectivity of 0.7 (in accordance with ASTM C-1549)
  • Minimum Emissivity of 0.75 (in accordance with ASTM C-1371)

For more requirements, please see the solicitation requirements (in PDF).

Please contact the vendor directly for discounted rates.


Allied Roof Xtender: 877-770-3332 or 516-523-6338
Data Sheet: RX 500, RX 700RX 900 

APOC Cool Coatings: 800-392-2030 extension 232 or 484-886-0522
Data Sheet:
APOC® 232 Insta-Kote MB Elastomeric,
APOC® 247 Economy Elastomeric Roof Coating,
APOC® 248 Arizona White Elastomeric Coating,
APOC® 252 Sun-White Premium Elastomeric Roof Coating

Coat ‘N’ Cool: 732-456-4550
Data Sheet: Coat 'N' Cool HMS

Energy Seal Coatings: 800-587-3758
Data Sheet: Acu Shield,  Acu Shield: Ceramic

Henry: 631-266-1191
Data Sheet: HE 287
Data Sheet: HE 280

Karnak: 800-526-4236
Data Sheet: Karnak 501 Elasto-BriteMaterial Safety Data SheetCRRC Karnak 501 Rating 

Polyglass: 917-484-1382
Data Sheet: Polybrite 70, PG700

Tambour: 212-300-7296
Data Sheet: Polyroof 

ThermaCote Ceramic Insulating Coating: 718-564-4046
Data Sheet: ThermaCote 

This above is a list of vendors who have indicated an ability to supply appropriate coating for rooftops at a discount. This list does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement of these particular vendors or their product. Nor does this list purport to be a complete list of all vendors capable of supplying this product.