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NYC Service

NYC Services

NYC Service was launched in April 2009 in response to President Obama's national call for volunteerism and a goal of engaging 100 million Americans in service by 2020. New York City was the first ”City of Service” and since NYC Service launched five years ago, over 190 US cities have joined the Cities of Service network.

NYC Service is fulfilling its mission and its goals of promoting volunteerism for all New Yorkers and helping more New Yorkers connect to service opportunities more easily.

NYC Service targets volunteers to address New York City’s greatest needs by mobilizing the power of volunteers in impact six areas: Strengthening Communities, Education Excellence, Economic and Workforce Development, Health and Well Being, Environment and Emergency Preparedness and Response.
In addition to these six areas, NYC Service seeks to elevate Youth Volunteer Service as a leadership and development strategy for our city. 

NYC Service is home to the NYC Civic Corps, an AmeriCorps program that places 105 talented individuals devoting 10 months to national service in nonprofit and city organizations to build volunteer capacity and impact the lives of New Yorkers.

Volunteers impact their communities, the people they serve, and themselves. Volunteers benefit from service, and research demonstrates that volunteers experience career enhancement, more happiness, better health, and longer lives. 

Today, NYC Service focuses on 12 strategic programs and 20 volunteer impact initiatives that will expand our outreach to individuals, government, organizations and corporations to help all New Yorkers to volunteer.