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NYC Conflicts of Interest Board


Book a Training Class
To arrange for a Conflicts of Interest training class for staff at your agency, or to get more information about any of our training initiatives or materials, please contact:

Director of Training & Education, Alex Kipp, at (212) 442-1421, or

Classes are available in various formats and levels of complexity, and can be tailor-made to address both conflicts of interest rules and related agency rules.

About The Training & Education Unit
In order to heighten awareness of the law and provide public servants with the resources to manage potential conflicts, the Board's Training & Education Unit conducts hundreds of in-person presentations each year for City workers of all ranks and job descriptions. In addition, the Unit develops educational videos, posters, pamphlets, newsletters and other media.

The Training & Education Unit prides itself on using humor and storytelling techniques to keep audience members engaged while conveying both the letter and the spirit of the law. Attendees frequently remark, “That was actually fun!”

Charter-Mandated Training
Pursuant to the Charter Reform process in 2010, the people of New York voted to amend City Charter Section 2603(b) to require City employees to complete Conflicts of Interest training every two years. In order to meet the challenge of training more than 300,000 City employees, the Training Unit is currently developing online systems of delivery in addition to its traditional classroom offerings. The Unit will announce when online training becomes available.

CLE offerings
The Training & Education Unit offers Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits to City attorneys at no charge. Our general course, "What Every Attorney Should Know About New York City's Conflicts of Interest Law," is good for two (2) credit hours in Ethics and Professionalism. Additionally, we offer "Special Topics" classes in Chapter 68 Enforcement (2 credit hours), Gifts (1.5 credit hours), Fundraising (1.5 credit hours), Post-Employment (1.5 credit hours), and Political Activities (1 credit hour). All are accredited by the State CLE Board and are open to both transitional and non-transitional attorneys. We also offer CLE classes in cooperation with other City agencies; speak to your General Counsel’s office about setting up CLE training at your agency.

Links to Training Materials

In addition to live classroom teaching, the Training & Education Unit has developed other materials in a variety of media, including online training, videos, plain language materials, and web-based interactive exercises.  Links to those materials are below.

●  Training Videos (Accessible from Our "Supplementary Materials" Page)
●  Plain Language Analysis of Chapter 68
●  Short Interactive Exercises Dealing with Chapter 68 and/or the Financial Disclosure Law
●  "Ask the City Ethicist", the Board's Monthly Column Published in The Chief Leader
 "The Ethical Times", the Board's Newsletter 
●  The Public Service Puzzler, the Board's monthly contest 


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