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NYC Conflicts of Interest Board

Ethics Links

A description of the type and purpose of the agency or organization accompanies each URL.

The Conflicts of Interest Board expresses no view on the content of any of these websites and includes these links solely for the convenience of visitors to our website.

By clicking on the address, your search will be transferred automatically to the selected URL.

New York City

 NYC Department of Investigation (DOI)
(Government) - DOI investigates and refers for prosecution cases of fraud, corruption, and unethical conduct by City employees, contractors, and others who receive City money.

●  NYC Special Commissioner of Investigation of the NYC School District (SCI)
(Government) - SCI has broad authority to investigate fraud, misconduct, conflicts of interest, and other wrongdoing within the New York City School District.

●  New York Law School Center for New York City Law
(Non-profit) - Contains decisions of the Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings, Office of Collective Bargaining, Loft Board, and Tax Appeals Tribunal and other agencies, as well as advisory opinions and enforcement decisions of the Conflicts of Interest Board.

New York State Ethics Agencies and Resources

●  Attorney Grievance Committees
(Government) - Administers financial disclosure by New York State judges and court employees.

●  Complaints against Court Employees
(Government) - To file a complaint against an employee of a New York State court.

●  Ethics Commission for the Unified Court System
(Government) - Administers financial disclosure by New York State judges and court employees.

 Ethics Opinions for Attorneys 
(Non-profit) - Opinions by the New York State Bar Association's Committee on Professional Ethics on the lawyer's code of ethics.

●  Joint Commission on Public Ethics
(Government) - New York State's ethics agency, the successor to the New York State Public Integrity Commission, New York State Ethics Commission, and Temporary State Commission on Lobbying, which has jurisdiction over NY State executive branch officers and employees and limited jurisdiction over NY State legislative branch officers and employees.

●  Judicial Ethics Opinions 

(Government) - Ethics opinions on the permissible conduct of New York State judges.

●  Lawyer's Rules of Professional Conduct 
(Government) - The ethics code for lawyers in New York State. Links to PDF document.

●  New York State Bar Association Municipal Law Section's Committee on Government Ethics and Professional Responsibility
(Non-profit) - Contains materials on ethics laws of municipalities outside New York City.

●  New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct
(Government) - New York State agency that investigates and prosecutes ethics violations by New York State judges.

 New York State Legislative Ethics Commission
(Government) - The ethics body for the New York State Legislature.

●  New York State Office of the Attorney General
(Government) - New York State's attorney general. Complaints about public corruption may also be filed through the Bureau of Public Integrity's complaint hotline at 212-416-8090.

●  New York State Office of the State Comptroller
(Government) - New York State's auditor.

U.S. (Federal)

●  U.S. Office of Government Ethics
(Government) - Federal government ethics agency, which has jurisdiction over federal executive branch officers and employees.

●  U.S. Office of Special Counsel
(Government) - Federal government agency responsible for, among other things, administering and enforcing the federal Hatch Act for affected state and local government employees.

United States Municipal Ethics Laws

●  Links To Municipal Codes
Document containing links for researching municipal ethics codes (in PDF).

●  City Ethics.Org
(Non-profit) - Helping Cities to Govern Ethically.

Anne Arundel County (MD)
●  Ethics Commission
●  Ethics Law (Anne Arundel County Code, Article 7)

●  Board of Ethics
●  Ethics law (Municipal Code Ch. 2-156) 

Cook County (IL)
●  Board of Ethics
 Ethics law (Cook County Ethics Ordinance) 

District of Columbia
●  Board of Ethics and Government Accountability
●  Ethics Law (District of Columbia Official Code, Div. I, Title 1, Ch. 11A) 

●  Ethics Commission
●  Ethics Law (Revised Charter, Art. VI, §6-1112.2, 6-1112.3, 6-1112.6; Art. XI; Art. XII, §13-101; Revised Ordinances, Art. 6 & Art. 8)

●  Ethics Commission
●  Ethics Law (Jacksonville Ordinance Code Ch. 602) 

King County (WA)
●  Board of Ethics
●  King County Code of Ethics

Los Angeles
●  City Ethics Commission
●  Ethics Law (Govermental Ethics Ordinance; Conflict of Interest Code; City Charter §700-712; Admin. Code §24.1.1, 24.1.2)

Miami-Dade County
●  Commission on Ethics and Public Trust

●  Board of Ethics
●  Ethics Law 

San Francisco
●  Ethics Commission
●  Conflicts of Interest Laws

●  Ethics & Elections Commission
●  Ethics Law (Municipal Code Ch. 4.16) 

International Ethics Organizations

●  Anti-Corruption Gateway for Europe and Eurasia
(Non-profit) - An online resource that serves as a repository of anti-corruption project documentation, legislation, and news for Europe and Eurasia.

●  Office of the Public Sector Integrity Commissioner of Canada
(Government) - Canadian government agency that receives and investigates complaints of public corruption and protects complainants against reprisals. 

●  EthicsWorld 
(Non-profit) - An online resource containing views, comments, reports, and news on governance, business ethics, and anti-corruption around the world.

●  International Foundation for Electoral Systems
(Non-profit) - An organization that promotes democracy and provides election assistance around the world.

●  Transparency International
(Non-profit) - International anti-corruption organization.

(Non-profit) - Online resource providing information relating to freedom of information laws and activism.

●  United Nations
(Intergovernmental) - Information on ethical standards at the United Nations.

●  Global Integrity
(Non-profit) - International organization that seeks to aid reform efforts by developing new methodologies to promote accountability and transparency.

●  The Group of States Against Corruption (GRECO)
(Government) - Organization established by the Council of Europe to monitor member states’ compliance with the Council’s anti-corruption standards.

●  World Bank
(Intergovernmental) - World Bank page describing the organization's anti-corruption and governance activities with links to further resources.

United States Ethics Organizations

●  Council on Governmental Ethics Laws
(Non-profit) - Umbrella organization of government ethics agencies in the U.S. and Canada.  

●  National Conference of State Legislatures
(Non-profit) - Bipartisan organization representing the interests of state legislatures.

●  Center for Public Integrity
(Non-profit) - Organization that seeks to promote accountability and transparency in public institutions by supporting and producing original investigative journalism.

●  Ethics Resource Center
(Non-profit) - Organization that produces independent research to advance high ethical standards and practices in public and private institutions

●  Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW)
(Non-profit) - Organization that seeks to promote public integrity through research, litigation, and media outreach.

●  Sunlight Foundation
(Non-profit) - Organization that seeks to improve access to government information by making it available online.

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