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NYC Conflicts of Interest Board

Supplementary Materials Page

Ethics Express: Conflicts of Interest in Five Minutes or Less

The Conflicts of Interest Board's series of short videos, Ethics Express: Conflicts of Interest Explained in Five Minutes or Less, takes a thoughtful, talk-show-style approach to explaining basic principles of the City’s Conflicts of Interest Law.  Watch the latest installment, which discusses the City's gifts rules, below, and stay tuned for more! Click here for previous installments.

Click here to watch in Windows Media Player.


The COIB Training Video: It's All About Ethics

COIB's Training & Education Unit is proud to present its training video, shot with the assistance of NYCTV and the Department of Information Technology & Telecommunication. The 24-minute video is a general introduction to Chapter 68 of the City Charter. It covers important Conflicts of Interest topics such as Gifts, Outside Employment, Post-Employment, Superior-Subordinate Relationships, and Misuse of City Position.

COIB's NYC Media Public Service Announcement provides a 30-second introduction to the Board's work.


Additionally, the Board has other materials available:

Archive Videos

Special Session on Financial Disclosure - Recorded at the 2008 Annual Citywide Ethics Seminar hosted by NYLS.
Watch the video in low or high bandwidth

Special Training Session - Recorded at the 2008 Annual Citywide Ethics Seminar hosted by NYLS.
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Avoiding Conflicts of Interest - Short scenes, based on hypothetical situations, with discussion afterward by Board attorneys.
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It's a Question of Ethics: The Game Show - Three City employee panelists compete in a game - show, testing their knowledge of the ethics law. Hosted by Commissioner of Finance Fred Cerullo, with commentary by the Board's Director of Enforcement.
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City Rap - Two-minute public service announcement on the Conflicts of Interest Law in Hip-Hop style.
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Middays with Meg Miller - Executive Director Mark Davies and Enforcement Director Carolyn Lisa Miller in a pair of interviews on Middays with Meg Miller on WVOX. They discussed basic principles and provisions in government ethics laws and New York City's Conflicts of Interest Law. You can hear both 42 - minute interviews below.

Click here for the first interview.

Click here for the second interview.

Poster with cartoon graphic of City inspector assessing code violations on a homeowner’s property while offering his private services to fix said violations.  Approx. 14” x 22”, with basic information, including the Board’s phone number and website.  Please specify number desired when ordering.

 Please contact Alex Kipp of the Training & Education Unit, (212) 442-1421, if you would like copies of any of the above materials.
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