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NYC Conflicts of Interest Board

The Lobbyist Gifts Law

In 2006, in the first change to its authority since 1989, the Board was charged with the administration and enforcement of a newly enacted prohibition on lobbyists making gifts to public servants. Local Law 16 of 2006 prohibited lobbyists from making gifts to public servants of the City and provided for civil fines for violations of the law. As directed in the legislation, the Board promulgated rules interpreting the law's provisions. Below, you will find the text of the law and other related documents.

The Lobbyist Gift Law

●  § 3-224 through § 3-228 of the Administrative Code  (in PDF)

Chapter 68 of the City Charter 

●  §2607 Gifts by Lobbyists (in PDF)

The Rules of the Board

●  §1-16 Prohibited Gifts from Lobbyists and Exceptions Thereto and Appendix C: Regulation of Lobbying (in PDF)

Advisory Opinions

●  Advisory Opinion 2006-2: Gifts from Lobbyists - Invitations to attend receptions, dinners, and other special events held by clients of lobbyists (in PDF)
●  Advisory Opinion 2007-3: Gifts from Lobbyists - Invitations to fundraisers and other widely-attended events by not-for-profits which lobby the City (in PDF)

Plain Language Analysis

●  Ask the City Ethicist: Gifts and Lobbyists (2/07) (in PDF)

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