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NYC Conflicts of Interest Board

Legal Analysis of Chapter 68

Selections from the Board's Current Monograph

●  Introduction (in PDF)
●  Annual Disclosure (in PDF)
●  Community Boards (in PDF)
●  Enforcement (in PDF)
●  Gifts & Honoraria (in PDF)
●  Misuse of City Office (in PDF)
●  Outside Activities (in PDF)
●  Political Activities (in PDF)
●  Post-Employment Restrictions (in PDF)

Other Legal Analysis

The Acceptable Use Policy
The conflicts of interest law permits certain de minimis personal use of City resources, and some City agencies (but not all) will in fact choose to permit such use. In an effort to describe that permissible use with more particularity, the City's Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications, in consultation with the Department of Investigation and the Law Department, has developed an Acceptable Use Policy, or Protocol, which sets forth in some detail permissible, and impermissible, uses of such City resources as computers, telephones, copiers, and email. The Board has reviewed that policy and determined that the permissible uses described therein will not violate Chapter 68.

In addition, the Board has long advised that certain impermissible uses described in the Protocol will likewise violate Chapter 68 even at the lowest level of use, that is, there is a zero tolerance policy for these uses. Thus, for example, there is no acceptable or permissible level of use of City resources in connection with a City employee's outside job or business or for a political campaign.

●  The Acceptable Use Policy (in PDF)

Links to Advisory Opinions
Currently, all COIB advisory opinions and enforcement dispositions can be accessed in a searchable library of decisions by City agencies called CITYADMIN, hosted by the Center for New York City Law of the New York Law School. The link below will take you to the CITYADMIN library.

●  Go to CITYADMIN, hosted by the Center for New York City Law

Enforcement Documents
Below you will find case summaries, as well as a table of fines the Board has assessed for violations of Chapter 68. You may also access a searchable database of all enforcement dispositions using the third link, provided by the Citylaw Center at New York Law School.

●  Enforcement Case Summaries (in PDF)
●  Enforcement Fines (in PDF)
●  Go to CITYADMIN, hosted by the Center for New York City Law

Other Analysis of Chapter 68
Below you will find other articles and links to resources about Chapter 68 and the Board, including a link to our Plain Language subpage, which contains publications that address a wide variety of Chapter 68 issues in plain language.

●  A Brief Overview of NYC's Conflicts of Interest Board (in PDF)
●  Ethics Laws for Officials within NYC (in PDF)
●  Nepotism (in PDF)
●  Go to the Plain Language Analysis Subpage
●  See Videos at the Supplementary Materials Subpage

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