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NYC Conflicts of Interest Board

Law & Publications

Below you will find links to the three primary laws administered, enforced, and interpreted by the Conflicts of Interest Board. Those laws are: Chapter 68 of the City Charter (The Conflicts of Interest Law), Section 12-110 of the Administrative Code (The Financial Disclosure Law), and the Lobbyist Gifts Law.

Each link will take you to a subpage where you can find the text of the law and related commentary and analysis.

●  Chapter 68 of the City Charter (the Conflicts of Interest Law) and the Rules of the Board
●  Section 12-110 of Administrative Code - The Annual Disclosure Law
●  The Lobbyist Gifts Law

● COIB Annual Reports
Lists of Private Contributions to City Agencies
● COIB Newsletter, The Ethical Times
● COIB "Ask the City Ethicist" Column Directory

● Links to Selections from the Board's Current Monograph

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