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NYC Conflicts of Interest Board

Ask the City Ethicist

Below you will find selections organized by topic from the Board's column "Ask The City Ethicist," published monthly in the Chief Leader.  The column answers questions about Chapter 68 of the City Charter (the "Ethics Law") and its rules on City employment, outside financial interests, volunteer activities, and other topics. 

Click here to read a New York Times article that provides a great introduction to our columns.

(Documents below in PDF)

Misuse of City Resources
(3/08): The City's Resources
(4/10): Misuse of City Resources

(11/04): An Important Tip
(11/06): Holiday Gifts Heads-Up
(11/13): Gifts 2013
(2/07): The New Lobbyist Gifts Rule

Misuse of City Position
(10/13): Personal Benefits?
(10/09): Misuse of Position
(4/08): Misuse of Position
(9/08): Nepotism
(1/08): Ownership

Moonlighting/Business Ownership/Outside Financial Activities

(4/14): Outside Employment
(9/06): Starting an Outside Practice
(12/06): That Outside Job Restriction May be Broader Than You Think
(9/10): Private Consulting
(10/10): Appearances Before City Agencies
(12/10): Outside Business Ventures
(1/11): Ownership, Part II
(2/11): Real Estate Ownership
(3/12): Outside Practice of Law
(6/13): Investments
(9/09): Double-Dipping

Political Activities
(9/05): Political Activities Part II
(4/12): Getting Political

(8/13): Volunteering Pt. 3
(4/06): Outside Activities

Superior-Subordinate Relationships
(05/14): Promotion Problem
(1/10): How to Avoid Conflicts with Your Superiors and Subordinates
(6/14): Gifts Between City Coworkers

(12/13): How the Cookie Crumbles
(1/05): Is a Sou-Sou a No-No?
(3/07): Fundraising
(9/07): Disclosure and Recusal
(12/07): Discounts
(9/09): Double-Dipping
(2/10): Conflicts of Interest and Romantic Relationships
(9/11): When 'Do You Know Who I Am' Can't Be Asked
(3/14): Travel
(9/13): Back To School

(01/14): Getting the Word Out and Keeping It Moving

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