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NYC Conflicts of Interest Board

Interactive Exercises

The Ethics Quiz
The New York City Conflicts of Interest Board presents:
The COIB's Online Ethics Quiz
Test your knowledge of the Conflicts of Interest Law!

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Travel Expenses
Are you disclosing travel expenses?
Use this tree to determine whether, and if so, where, you have to report on your annual disclosure report any reimbursements or payments for travel expenses, both those related to your City job and those unrelated to your City job.

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Prohibited Ownership Interest
The City's conflicts of interest law contains restrictions on your "interest" in any firm doing business with the City. An interest may be either a position with the firm (e.g., officer, director, employee) or an ownership interest (direct ownership of a business, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and the like) in the firm. In this interactive exercise, you can find out if any of your (or your spouse's or child's) ownership interests are prohibited under Chapter 68 of the City Charter.

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