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NYC Conflicts of Interest Board

Good Government

Public Service Puzzler

Announcing the October edition of the Public Service Puzzler, a contest brought to you by the City’s Conflicts of Interest Board! Spending just five minutes with the City’s Conflicts of Interest Law could win you prizes! Each month a new puzzle, question, or other activity will be brought to you by the Board’s Training and Education Unit. All you have to do is give five minutes of thoughtful consideration.

New Ethics Express
The Conflicts of Interest Board has released a new episode of Ethics Express: Conflicts of Interest Explained in Five Minutes or Less. This series of short videos takes a thoughtful, talk-show-style approach to explaining basic principles of the City’s Conflicts of Interest Law. Watch the latest installment, a continuation of previous discussion about gifts, below, and stay tuned for more! Click here for previous installments.

Click here to watch in Windows Media Player.


Proposed Charter Amendments

NYC Charter Section 2602(j) requires that the Conflicts of Interest Board periodically recommend to the NYC Council such revisions to Chapter 68 of the Charter, the City's conflicts of interest (ethics) law, as the Board "may consider appropriate or desirable." Click here to see the Board's proposals.


Introduction to Chapter 68

Want to know exactly what a "conflict of interest" is as defined by Chapter 68 of the City Charter?

●  Read Chapter 68 of the City Charter (in PDF)
●  A Plain Language Guide to Chapter 68 (in PDF)
●  A Brief Overview of Chapter 68 (in PDF)
 Read the Latest Ediiton of the Board's Newsletter, The Ethical Times (in PDF)

Training Video
The Training & Education Unit has created an entertaining and informative video that covers the basic requirements of the Conflicts of Interest Law. The video has been broken into segments which can be viewed by clicking on the link to our "Multimedia" page below.

●  Go to the Training Video on the Supplementary Materials Page
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