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NYC Conflicts of Interest Board

Electronic Financial Disclosure

Table of Contents
Error Messages

Error Messages

Incomplete Information
  • You will get a warning message if you fail to fill out both your first and last name on the "Filer Information" form.

    Error Message

  • You will get an error message if you attempt to finalize and submit your filing without having completed all of the forms. The message will tell you which parts of the filing are incomplete. You will need to navigate back to the form and provide the missing information. You should check to make sure all circles on the left side navigation bar are completely filled. Then you will need to go back to the "Finalize & Submit" page and review your filing again.

    Error Message

Unsuccessful Login Attempts
  • You will get an error message if you try to log on with the wrong EIN or password. After five consecutive unsuccessful attempts to log in using any given EIN, that EIN is locked for 15 minutes. After that, another five unsuccessful attempts will lead to a second 15 minute lock. If the same EIN is used for five attempts a third time, a permanent lock will be placed on the account that only the COIB can reset.

    Exceeded Login Attempts Screen Shot