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NYC Conflicts of Interest Board

Electronic Financial Disclosure

Logging Out
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You may log out of the Electronic Financial Disclosure Application at any time by clicking the "LOGOUT" button at the top of the screen. Be sure to log out any time you expect to not be active in the application. For security purposes, your session will automatically time out (prevent you entering data) after 20 minutes of inactivity. A session time out warning will appear in the upper-right of the screen approximately thirteen minutes before the session times out. View Session Timeouts within the "Filling Out the Filing Form" section for more information.

Security Alert

NOTE: If you logged in via remote access (RA), you will also need to log out of RA after you log out of the EFD Application. You can log out of RA by clicking the small door icon at the upper-right of the "RA" screen. If you do not log out of RA before closing your browser window, you may have trouble logging in again within the next 30 minutes.

Security Alert