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NYC Conflicts of Interest Board

Electronic Financial Disclosure
Highlights / Points to Remember

Table of Contents
User IDs, Passwords, & URLs
Getting Assistance
And Remember

User IDs, Passwords, & URLs

  • For information on Login/User IDs, Employee Identification Numbers (EINs), and Passwords,  read the "Logging In / Passwords" section of this online guide.
    The agency's financial disclosure liaison will hand out user packets with passwords (refer to the list of agency liaisons within the "Lost User Packets" section).
  • The URL (Web site) for the application is https://efd.nycnet/efd.
  • Access to CityNet, the City's internal network, is required to access the application. If you can access the CityShare portal at http://cityshare.nycnet, you have access to CityNet.
    NOTE: If you do not have access to CityNet, you can still access the application remotely over the Internet. Refer to the "Logging In" section for details.

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Getting Assistance
 For questions related to:
  • Accessing the filing application or
  • Navigating through the questions
Contact the Citywide Service Desk at 212-692-4357. 

For questions related to:
  • The filing process or
  • The text of specific questions in the financial disclosure report or what your answers must cover

Contact the COIB via email at or by phone at 212-442-1429.

For questions related to:

  • The receipt of your user packet

Contact your agency liaison. Refer to the table within the "Lost Packet" section of this online manual to identify your agency liaison's contact information.

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And Remember...
 For questions related to the receipt of your user packet, contact your agency liaison. Refer to the table within the "Lost User Packets" section for contact information.
  • Choose a memorable password and protect it; this password secures all confidential information.
  • Don't share your password with anyone else.
  • Click the SAVE button on every form to ensure that the information entered will be saved to the filing.
  • Save information after it is entered (even if it is incomplete). The application will automatically log a user out after 20 minutes of inactivity.
  • Always log off using the LOGOUT link.
  • You are required to print and sign a signature sheet (receipt) once you have electronically submitted your financial disclosure report. Please return the original signature sheet (receipt) to your agency liaison.
  • Once the filing is submitted, any changes must be made through an amendment. You must contact COIB in order to have an amendment packet generated.
  • You will be required to review your financial disclosure filing prior to submitting.
  • Print out the filing after submission. You can log in at any point up until next year's filing to view and print your report or receipt.
  • Members of the public can only see the non-confidential portions of the report.

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