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NYC Conflicts of Interest Board

Electronic Financial Disclosure

EFD User Documentation

EFD Application Login URLs
Which URL you use to log into the EFD Application depends on if you have access to CityNet, the City's Network. To check if you're on CityNet, try to access the Web site http://cityshare.nycnet/. If you can, and the CityShare page appears, you are on CityNet.

If you are on CityNet, log into the EFD Application at:

If you are not on CityNet, log into the EFD Application at:

EFD Training Videos
Watch the EFD Training Videos for additional help filing your disclosure.

Table of Contents
About Electronic Financial Disclosure
Security Overview
User Packets
Lost Packets
Delegate Accounts
Agency Liaisons
Logging In / Passwords
Logging In, EINs, & User IDs
Password Strength Requirements
Forgotten Passwords
Using Electronic Financial Disclosure
About Adobe Acrobat Reader
Downloading Adobe Acrobat Reader
Installing Adobe Acrobat Reader
Filling out the Filing Forms
What is Required / Optional
Form Status
Navigating Through the Forms
Session Timeouts
Saving Answers to the Forms
Generating Drafts
Notes Fields
Confidential and Public Information
Getting Additional Information / Help on the Forms
Submitting Incomplete or Unknown Answers
Multiple Answers on a Page
Privacy Requests
Form Certification and Submission
Termination Filings
Accessing Your Filing and Receipt
Changing Answers Once the Filing is Submitted
Logging Out
Frequently Asked Questions
When is the filing period?
Why can't I access the application?
What browsers are supported?
Who can see the information being entered?
Why am I receiving the following message: "This filer is already logged in"?
How have I exceeded the number of login attempts for the EFD Application?
How do I change an answer after I have submitted the filing?
What do I do if I don't know an answer, or don't have complete information for an answer?
Why does my Web browser give me a security alert when I try to access the EFD site?
Why can't I see the "Previous" and "Next" buttons on the online forms?
What if I am leaving City service?
Highlights / Points to Remember
User IDs, Passwords, & URLs
Getting Assistance
And Remember
Error Messages