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NYC Criminal Justice Coordinator

December 26, 2013 - Mayor Bloomberg Announces New York City's Incarceration Rate Hits New All-Time Low

December 23, 2013 - Mayor Bloomberg And Criminal Justice Coordinator Feinblatt Launch Data Analytic Recidivism Tool – First Application In The Nation To Assess Citywide Recidivism Among Specific Groups And Help Identify High- And Low-Risk Defendants

November 19, 2013 - Mayor Bloomberg and Chief Policy Advisor Feinblatt Announce One Million Dollar Settlement and Creation Of Restitution Fund for Tourists Following City Lawsuit Against Major Illegal Hotel Operator

October 11, 2013 - Mayor Bloomberg Announces the First in a Planned Series of Crackdowns Against Illegal Cigarette Sellers

September 27, 2013 - Mayor Bloomberg, Deputy Mayor Gibbs and Chief Policy Advisor Feinblatt Announce New Efforts to End Prescription Painkiller Abuse, Including Releasing Rxstat and Two Data Briefs

August 8, 2013 - Mayor Bloomberg and Criminal Justice Coordinator Feinblatt Release Second Criminal Justice System Performance Report 

May 15, 2013 - Mayor Bloomberg and Fire Commissioner Cassano Announce New Risk-Based Fire Inspections Citywide Based On Data Mined from City Records

April 3, 2013 - "Mayor Bloomberg Delivers Keynote Address at National Rx Drug Abuse Summit" 

January 10, 2013 - "Mayor Bloomberg, Deputy Mayor Gibbs and Chief Policy Advisor Feinblatt Announce New Emergency Room Guidelines to Prevent Opioid Prescription Painkiller Abuse"

December 23, 2012 - Mayor Bloomberg Announces New Mental Health Initiative to Provide Intervention and Resources for Court-Involved New Yorkers as They Return to the Community

October 23, 2012 - "Mayor Bloomberg Announces Suit Against Major Operator Of Illegal Hotels As Part Of The City's Crackdown On Unsafe And Illegal Tourist Accommodations In New York City" 

September 25, 2012 - "Mayor Bloomberg And Chief Policy Advisor Feinblatt Announce Michael P. Flowers, Director Of Analytics At The Office Of Policy And Strategic Planning, Honored By The White House For Local Innovation" 

June 20, 2012 - "Mayor Bloomberg Announces New York City’s First-Ever Seizure Of And Lawsuit Against Self-Storage Facilities And Their Users For Illegally Storing And Selling Counterfeit Goods" 

June 7, 2012 - "Mayor Bloomberg Announces New York Yankees Host Students For Second Annual "Attendance All-Star" Game To Combat Absenteeism" 

May 10, 2012 - "Mayor Bloomberg Launches Nation’s Largest Public Ad Campaign To Fight Chronic Absenteeism And Announces New Resources To Help Parents Improve Student Attendance" 

April 27, 2012 - "Mayor Bloomberg Announces Results Of City’s Efforts To Curb Dangerous Illegal Hotels In New York City After State Legislation Enhances Enforcement Abilities"

December 14, 2011 - "Mayor Bloomberg Announces Results Of First Ever National Investigation Into Illegal Online Gun Sales" 

November 22, 2011 - "Mayor Bloomberg Signs Legislation Regarding Detainer Requests Made By U.S. Immigration And Customs Enforcement" 

November 21, 2011 - "Mayor Bloomberg, Deputy Mayor Robles-Roman And Chief Policy Adviser John Feinblatt Announce Expansion Of Legal Services For Immigrants" 

November 9, 2011 - "Mayor Bloomberg Announces Results Of Mentorship Program To Combat Chronic Absenteeism And Expansion Of The Program" 

September 27, 2011 - "Mayor Bloomberg Announces New Initiative To Address High Rates Of Mentally Ill In New York City Jails" 

May 15, 2011 - "Mayor Bloomberg Announces Results of Recent Crackdown on Dangerous Illegal Hotels"

February 10, 2011  -  "Mayor Bloomberg Launches WakeUp! NYC Campaign to Reduce Chronic Absenteeism and Truancy in City Schools and Releases Early Data from Truancy Program"

February 2, 2011  -  "Mayor Bloomberg and District Attorney’s Announce New Effort to Use Data to Fight Financial Crime"

January 31, 2011 - "Mayor Bloomberg Announces Results of Undercover Investigation into Firearms Sales at Arizona Gun Show"

December 21, 2010 -  "Mayor Bloomberg Proposes Overhaul of the New York State Juvenile Justice System to Improve Public Safety, Break the Cycle of Crime and Save Taxpayers Millions"  

September 27, 2010 -  "Mayors Against Illegal Guns Releases Groundbreaking Report Showing a Strong Connection Between Weak Gun Laws and Interstate Gun Trafficking"

September 16, 2010 - “Mayor Bloomberg Announces Results of Undercover Investigation into Illegal Cigarette Sales at Poospatuck Reservation”

September 7, 2010 - "Mayors Against Illegal Guns Releases New Report On Crime Guns Trafficked Into Mexico Fueling Drug Cartel Violence"

August 31, 2010 - “New Business Acceleration Team Helped Cut 15 Weeks from “Eataly” Launch Process”

August 19, 2010 - “Mayor Bloomberg Announces Comprehensive New Strategies to Reduce Chronic Absenteeism and Truancy in City Schools”

June 8, 2010  - “Chancellor Klein, Chief Policy Advisor Feinblatt, NYC Media, and Reel Works Announce “Clicking with Caution” Internet Safety Campaign”

May 20, 2010 - “Mayor Bloomberg and Deputy Mayor Robles-Roman Launch New Public Education Campaign to End Human Trafficking”

April 27, 2010 - "Mayor Bloomberg and Speaker Quinn Announce 14 Measures to Make it Easier for Small Businesses to Influence and Comply with City Regulations”