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NYC Criminal Justice Coordinator
Technology Initiatives

The Integrated Justice team collaborates with the City's Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications to use existing and emerging technologies to achieve effective information sharing across all justice agencies. The team works to ensure that criminal justice agencies make full use of integration and data sharing opportunities, and generates and evaluates technology projects to support policy initiatives.

  • DNA Hits. The City created the DNA Hit Information Tracking System (DNA Hits) to streamline the process of sharing the DNA matches or "hits" that the NYS DNA Databank generates, allowing those agencies to investigate each lead thoroughly and in a timely manner. DNA Hits eliminates redundant efforts, accelerates investigations by making critical information easily accessible, eliminates the need to follow-up on outcome data, and provides real-time reporting capabilities.
  • Integrated Justice Project. Leveraging the city's DataShare platform, the Integrated Justice Project has established real-time data exchanges between criminal and juvenile justice agencies, including NYPD, Department of Correction, the Office of Court Administration, the District Attorneys' offices, the NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services, and the Criminal Justice Agency, improving the quality, accuracy and speed of delivery of critical information throughout New York City's criminal justice system. This provides law enforcement and other criminal justice entities the vital data they need to carry out their work effectively and efficiently.
  • eArraignment. CJC works to advance the eArraignment system, which serves to streamline, support and improve the work of law enforcement, prosecution, and the courts related to the arrest-to-arraignment process. The system also provides a comprehensive process monitoring tool that helps identify bottlenecks and areas to be targeted for improvement.