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NYC Criminal Justice Coordinator
Welcome to the NYC Criminal Justice

Over the last decade, New York City has continued to experience an unprecedented drop in crime – so much so that FBI data shows New York to be the safest big city in the country. These gains were driven by the crime-fighting strategies of the NYPD, in association with federal, state, and local law enforcement, prosecutors, criminal justice agencies, and community groups.

The Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice (MOCJ) facilitates cooperation and partnerships among the agencies and actors involved in crime-fighting and criminal justice in New York City. In doing so, MOCJ works to ensure the fair and efficient functioning of the criminal justice system in New York City. MOCJ serves as a liaison between the NYPD, the Departments of Corrections and Probation, the 5 District Attorney's Offices, and other agencies to help coordinate consistent citywide policy on criminal justice issues. MOCJ also advises the Mayor on criminal justice matters and is responsible for developing and implementing policies, legislation, and strategies in the fields of public safety and criminal justice. MOCJ has focused particularly in the past few years on special projects for the Mayor, including efforts to combat illegal gun trafficking, make better use of DNA evidence in investigations, and target quality of life offenders.

With annual totals of roughly 400,000 arrests, nearly 360,000 arraignments, over 105,000 reported major felony crimes (down more than 8% from five years ago), and over 12,300 inmates on Rikers Island on any given day (down 11% from five years ago), criminal justice in New York City is a complex challenge that requires a range of strategies to keep New Yorkers safe, ensure fair access to the justice system, promote the efficient operation of the system’s components, and meet the needs of crime victims.