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2014 Data-Driven Provider Award Winners: Celebrating Excellence in Program Management and Performance

 The Center for Economic Opportunity (CEO) and its agency partners are pleased to present the 2014 Data Driven Provider Awards. These winners represent service providers of CEO and Young Men’s Initiative (YMI) programs whose smart use of data and excellent outcomes produced exciting advances in their delivery of services for low-income New Yorkers. 

CEO and YMI are committed to a culture of performance management and evaluation to ensure program participants receive the highest quality services. This second annual Data-Driven Provider Award celebrates community-based providers who demonstrated data-driven decision-making and high performance throughout Fiscal Year 2014. 

CEO and YMI providers were invited to apply for an award if their program had at least five providers and they achieved performance outcomes in the top 50% of those providers. In their applications, providers were asked to describe how they used data to drive learning and innovation in their program management. City agency partners in collaboration with CEO reviewed all applications and selected the winners.

CEO and YMI thank its partners and all providers who submitted applications.

Award Winners
Click on the links below for descriptions of the programs and to see more information about the providers. An (*) indicates a program expanded or created with support from the NYC Young Men’s Initiative.

Advocate, Intervene, Mentor (AIM) Program administered by the NYC Department of Probation*
Winner: Youth Advocate Programs, Inc.

Arches: Transformative Mentoring Program administered by the NYC Department of Probation*
Winner:New York Center for Interpersonal Development

Jobs-Plus administered by the NYC Human Resource Administration and New York City Housing Authority*
Winner: Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation

Justice Community administered by the NYC Department of Probation*
Winner: The Osborne Association

Justice Scholars administered by the NYC Department of Probation*
Winner: NYC Mission Society

Social Innovation Fund, All NYC Program Providers administered by the Center for Economic Opportunity
Winner: Children’s Aid Society (Family Rewards)

Teen ACTION administered by the NYC Department of Youth and Community Development 
WinnerSCO Family of Services, Center for Family Life

Young Adult Internship Program administered by the NYC Department of Youth and Community Development*
Winner: The Door

CEO is committed to assessing the impact of its programs using data and evaluation. CEO releases annual key performance indicators for its programs and shares evaluation findings on its website.