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Thank you for visiting the Office of Citywide Event Coordination and Management’s (CECM) website. As you explore our site, you will find information pertaining to the City’s efforts to enhance communication and coordination regarding the required applications and licenses necessary for obtaining a permit to produce an event. We hope that this site will serve as your one-stop resource for information and guidance to the event permitting in New York City. Please do not hesitate to contact our office via email with any questions or comments.

News and Notices

SAPO now accepts electronic payment for special events.
Please click below and have your event ID available.
SAPO Online Payments

NYC Bike Share stations are located throughout around the City. If you are planning an event, please check locations of these stations and make your plans accordingly
No attempt should be made to move or interfere with these stations in any way. If a station is in your event footprint and you have already been issued an event permit you should contact the permitting agency with whom you are working with.

Times Square Reconstruction Update
  • Broadway plaza btw 42-43 Sts
    • Currently available for events in 2015
  • Broadway plaza btw 43-44 Sts + Military Island
    • Currently available for events in 2015
  • Broadway plaza btw 44-45 Sts
    • Construction 3/1/15 - 9/1/15
  • Broadway plaza btw 45-46 Sts
    • Construction present - 8/30/15
  • Broadway plaza btw 46-47 Sts
    • Currently available for events in 2015
**Please note benches are scheduled to be inserted in June. Please plan accordingly**
**This schedule is subject to change, please check the SAPO website frequently for the most up to date information**

New Amsterdam Market at South Street SeaportNew Amsterdam Market at South Street Seaport
New Amsterdam Market is a reinvention of the Public Market, once a prevalent institution in the City of New York. The market features butchers, grocers, mongers, and other vendors who source, produce, distribute, and sell foods made with regional ingredients as well as carefully selected imports. The market takes place at South Street Seaport on Sundays. Learn more
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