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Proposed Action Plan Amendments

Proposed Action Plan 12

New York City has completed a proposed amendment to its plan for the $4.21 billion in Federal disaster aid from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to help with recovery from Hurricane Sandy. The proposed Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) Action Plan Amendment 12 contains the following changes:


  • Reallocates funding across program areas to fund the completion of the Build it Back and Business Loan and Grant Programs.
  • Funding transferred to Housing for capital projects will be fully replaced with City Capital dollars already committed as part of the September 2016 Capital Commitment Plan.  All current planned projects will move forward without delays or gaps in funding ($350 million).  Certain disaster response expenses, incurred by the City in prior fiscal years, will no longer be reimbursed with CDBG-DR funding ($150 million).
  • Updates need assessments and funding justifications to reflect the reallocation of funds.
  • Updates program descriptions where needed to provide clarifying detail or current project status and information.


  • Reallocates $500 million to the Single Family Build it Back program to serve all eligible applicants.
  • Updates Single Family Build it Back program description, explaining program pathways, additional benefits and needs assessment.
  • Reduces Temporary Disaster Assistance Program (TDAP) allocation by $10 million to reflect eligible population needs.
  • Creates a new program benefit for TDAP to allow arrears payments to be made to landlords on behalf of beneficiaries that experience a gap in subsidy while transitioning from the program to Section 8 rental assistance.
  • Reallocates $9 million to NYCHA’s Program Allocation from the City’s Planning and Administration funding.
  • Creates a new workforce development program targeting NYCHA residents.


  • Reallocates $10 million to the Hurricane Sandy Business Loan and Grant Program to serve all eligible applicants.
  • Reallocates $12 million from the Restoration of Saw Mill Creek Marsh and $15 million from the Rockaways Commercial Corridor Resiliency programs to fund needs in other program areas. Both programs will move forward with other sources of funding, including Capital  funds the City is providing as part of the September 2016 Capital Commitment Plan.
  • Updates the program description of the Coney Island Resiliency Improvements program, which was formerly referred to as the Coney Island Green Infrastructure Improvements program.

Infrastructure and Other City Services (IOCS)

  • Updates the overall IOCS allocation from $755 million to $419 million in order to fund needs in other program areas. CDBG-DR funding has been reduced across all IOCS program areas, however, all projects previously identified either have already occurred and will now be funded with City funds instead of CDBG-DR, or will move forward with City funding, including Capital funds the City is providing as part of the September 2016 Commitment Plan. (Note: Some notices in newspapers included an incorrect figure of $434 million for the remaining IOCS allocation.)
  • Reorganizes chapter to clarify where CDBG-DR funds have been committed and removes detail for programs that are no longer anticipated to receive CDBG-DR funding.


  • Reallocates $152 million from the Coastal Protection program to fund needs in other program areas. The Raise Shorelines and Red Hook Integrated Flood Protection System programs will move forward with other sources of City funding, including Capital funds the City is providing as part of the September 2016 Capital Commitment Plan.

Planning and Administration

  • Describes efforts to apply lessons learned and to develop tools for preparedness for future disasters.

Review Action Plan Amendment 12:
Read the proposed amendment for public comment of CDBG-DR Action Plan Amendment 12 (in Español中国 and Pусский)

Note: This document is currently being translated into Spanish, Chinese, and Russian. The translated document versions will be posted as soon as they become available.

Nota: Este documento está siendo traducido al español, chino y ruso. Las versiones de los documentos traducidos se publicarán tan pronto como estén disponibles.

注: 本文件目前正在被翻 译成西班牙语,中国和俄罗斯。翻译后的文档版本将尽快,因为他们成为可用张贴。

Примечание: Этот документ в настоящее время переводится на испанский, китайский и русский. Переведенные версии документа будут размещены, как только они становятся доступными.

Comment on Action Plan amendment 12:

The comment period on the proposed CDBG-DR Action Plan Amendment 12 is now open. Comments must be received no later than October 24, 2016 at 11:59 PM (EST).

Comment on the amendment here:

Paper copies of the proposed Amendment 12, including a large print format (18pt font size) and Spanish, Chinese (simplified), and Russian translations, are available at the following address:

New York City Office of Management and Budget
255 Greenwich Street, 8th Floor Reception Area
New York, NY  10007

Written comments may also be directed by mail to Calvin Johnson, Assistant Director, CDBG-DR, NYC Office of Management and Budget, 255 Greenwich Street, 8th Floor, New York, NY 10007.

Comments can also be submitted during the public hearings related to the proposed Amendment 12. To find out more about the upcoming public hearings, visit the Public Hearings Information page.

At the end of the comment period, all comments shall be reviewed and a City response will be incorporated into the City’s Responses to Public Comments document. A summary of the comments and the City’s responses will be submitted to HUD in the final CDBG-DR Action Plan amendment 12. The revised Action Plan incorporating Amendment 12 including the public comments and responses will be posted on the City’s CDBG-DR website.

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