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Proposed Action Plan Amendments

Proposed Action Plan 16

Action Plan Amendment 16:

New York City has completed a proposed amendment to its plan for the $4.21 billion in Federal disaster aid from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to help with recovery from Hurricane Sandy.

Read CDBG-DR Action Plan Amendment 16 (in PDF) (in Español中国 and Pусский)

Paper copies of the proposed Amendment 16, including a large print format (18pt font size) and Spanish, Chinese (simplified), and Russian translations, are available at the following address:

New York City Office of Management and Budget
255 Greenwich Street, 8th Floor Reception Area
New York, NY 10007

The City accepted public comments to the proposed Action Plan Amendment during a period from September 22, 2017 to November 3, 2017, and received 39 public comments during this time. All comments have been reviewed and a City response has been developed and incorporated into the City's Responses to Public Comments document, found here. The revised Action Plan incorporating Amendment 16 including the public comments and responses will be posted on the City's CDBG-DR website on the Approved Action Plan page when it is approved by HUD.

Click here to view presentation September 27th Public Hearing that summarizes the Action Plan Amendment content.

The City submitted proposed Action Plan Amendment 16 to HUD on November 20, 2017. HUD will have 60 days to review the proposed amendment.

Proposed Action Plan 16 SUMMARY

City of New York
Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR)
Proposed Amendment 16 to Action Plan


The City of New York (“City” or “NYC”) is the recipient of $4.214 billion of Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to assist in disaster recovery and rebuilding efforts resulting from Hurricane Sandy. The City's approved CDBG-DR Action Plan details how the City plans to spend the grant on eligible Hurricane Sandy disaster recovery and rebuilding activities.

Any change greater than $1 million in funding committed to a certain program, the addition or deletion of any program, or change in eligibility criteria or designated beneficiaries of a program constitutes a substantial amendment and such amendment will be available for review by the public and approval by HUD.

The City is publishing proposed Amendment 16 for public comment. Amendment 16 proposes the following changes:


  • Updates need assessments and funding justifications to reflect the reallocation of funds proposed
  • Updates program descriptions and timelines where needed to provide clarifying detail or current project status and information


  • Reallocates $50 million from the Multi-Family Build It Back program


  • Updates the RISE: NYC program description and National Objectives to more accurately capture program benefits

Infrastructure and Other City Services

  • Updates project information including descriptions and timelines


  • Reallocates $20 million to a new Sheepshead Bay Courts Sewer and Water Infrastructure program
  • Reallocates $5 million to a new Resiliency Property Purchase Program

Planning and Administration

  • Reallocates $12 million to Planning to fund additional planning studies, such as stormwater management and climate design guidelines for City infrastructure projects
  • Reallocates $13 million to Administration to cover costs associated with the timeline extensions the City received from HUD on certain expenditure deadlines

Please click here to read the currently approved Action Plan (incorporating amendments 1-15).
Please visit this website for future updates regarding proposed Action Plan amendments.

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